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Expanding to continental Europe.

Some of 4thWay’s many testimonials

“I’m impressed by 4thWay’s product.” Rhydian Lewis, CEO, RateSetter

“Proplend has been one of 4thWay’s highest rated Platforms for the past 4 years, something of which we are very proud. 4thWay really look under the hood. I highly recommend them.” Proplend

“4thWay have a good opportunity to set a benchmarking standard for the performance analysis of p2p lending industry.” Daniel Rajkumar, CEO, rebuildingsociety.com

“We really appreciate the thoroughness…and care you take around getting great insights into a platform.” Mike Bristow, CEO, CrowdProperty

“Congratulations on the success of 4thWay.” Louis Alexander, Director, SoMo

“Down to Earth.” Melwin Mehta, fund manager

“I do appreciate the work of 4th Way!” Paul Newman, former fund manager and hedge fund manager

“Very good work.” Rito Haldar, founder, Unbolted

“Best-researched independent analyses of investing with RateSetter we have seen.” John Battersby, RateSetter

“A real expert in this area” Ed Bowsher, Senior Analyst at Share Radio

“There’s huge value to what [4thWay] provides.” Filip Karadaghi, founder, LandlordInvest

For more information, get in touch with neil.faulkner@4thway.eu